MT4 iPhone/ iPad

MetaTrader 4 for iPhone/iPad is the world’s most powerful platform for iOS devices.
You will have all types of trading orders, 50+ technical analysis tools, exchanging experience with other traders through reviewing their actions, audio notifications in your Apple device for trading anytime, wherever you are.

1. What is MT4 iPhone/ iPad?
2. What is MT4 iPhone/ iPad able to do for you?
3. MT4 iPhone/iPad main functionalities

MetaTrader 4 App for iOS provides uncompetitive functionalities to intensify your trading activity. The One Click Trading function allows you to trade on a chart with a single click. Open the trading panel and execute a deal in the blink of an eye! The chat integrated in the platform allows you to communicate with any registered user of the MT4 community- which is the largest community of traders.

► You will never miss the boat

You have all the functionalities you need to trade on the move: create an account from the app for free, open, edit and close positions. Also, you can manage your risk with stops and limits techniques.

► Keep an eye on everything

With our app you can set alerts, so once there is a trading opportunity you will get an alert wherever you are. Observe how prices change during the day, the highest and lowest levels of prices. In addition you will get live market news, trading indicators and more.

► Get informed for over 7000 markets

Take the best out of our unique tools to analyse and trade a wide range of markets, including Alphabet Inc, Apple Inc, the famous EUR/USD, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil and more.

► Observe the latest trends

Observe our army of charts, analyse them and get insight out of them. The more knowledge you will have over historical behaviour of an asset, the more powerful your decision will be.

• Custom designed
• Access to all major trading instruments
• Real-time quotes
• All execution types available
• Real-time interactive charts
• 30 technical indicators
• Multiple timeframes
• 3 chart types
• Trading history
• User friendly interface